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Hello friends! Let’s talk about the epic game Mobile Strike. The Mobile Strike game was developed by EpicWarLLC. We will also talk about the Mobile Strike Hack. The game is all about building bases and strengthening your army to attack the opponents. The main campaign of the game is not so important because usually you are going compete with other players present online. The game is divided into two distinct levels.

First is the Build Your Base level. In this you increase the strength of your base by making hospitals, researching into new technologies, gathering resources etc. The second level is Multiplayer Combat War. After building a strong base and army you go for war online and compete with different players from around the world. Players can join the alliances and get help from other players present online who are in the same alliance. The alliances present all around the world compete with each other to establish their dominance in the world of Mobile Strike.

The in-app purchases   

From in-app purchases you can get the resources like gold, steel, iron by spending real money. This is not fair as game should be made enjoyable and everyone should be able to play it fully. People spend their hard-earned money on a game which is totally a waste of money. That’s why to make the resources like gold, steel and iron available to you for free we have developed the Mobile Strike Hack.

Mobile Strike Hack

The Mobile Strike is made for everyone who only wants to enjoy the game. The Mobile Strike cheats is a free to use software that generates an unlimited amount of gold and other resources in the Mobile Strike game. The hack is totally safe to use and needs no technical knowledge to use. The hack is tested on more than 500 devices and it worked really well. It is available for both iOS and Android. The hack is totally safe to use. So, now generate unlimited resources with Mobile Strike hack.

mobile strike cheats and tricks 2017

Hi all Mobile Strike Lovers. Today we are going to discuss a very important topic. Many new players when start playing the game for the first time they face some obvious problems. The most common problem is that they can’t understand how the game works. Some of the players keep themselves indulged in the game and figure out how to play it but then they face the next problem. The problem is that they don’t know how to play the game like a PRO. So, today we are going to talk about that second problem. We are going to provide you some of the basic yet important tips that will make you a pro in Mobile Strike. So, let’s start with those tips and tricks.

Don’t ignore the missions

Missions are usually ignored by many new players but they prove to be a really great way of getting more resources. Win a mission, claim rewards and start again. This will get you some resources without spending even a penny.

Join alliance

When you join alliances you get a company of like minded people. Help them and get help in return. Just don’t forget to keep updating your Headquarters. Higher level of headquarters will make it easy for you to get help.

Mobile Strike Hack

The easiest way to get free resources is Mobile Strike Hack. Use it anytime you want and generate free resources. The hack is safe to use and will prove to be of great help when you will be really low on resources.

Know your enemy before attacking

Fewer the hospitals in a base easier it will be to attack it. That’s the golden rule, follow it and you will win more matches. You can send your scouts to find bases with no recent activities. These bases are usually abandoned and can get you some easy resources.

So, this was a quick guide for all the beginners out there. Apply these tips and tricks in your game and watch yourself improve. Stay tuned for more amazing articles. Thanks for reading.

Madden NFL Mobile Tips, Tricks And Cheats

Everyone wants to be a pro. But let me tell you every pro was once a newbie. Players spend their day and night working sincerely to get to the top of the leader boards. Well, Abraham Lincoln once said that, if I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 6 of those hours sharpening my axe. That’s called smart work. While everyone can do hard work only few people do smart work. Knowing these tips and tricks will make you approach the top positions in a smart way. So, let’s get started with Madden NFL mobile Tips and Tricks.

Save those coins

The most common mistake a newbie do is to spend those valuable coins in buying items, players or packs. Go easy on them and save them for Auction House bids.

Be your own boss and don’t let AI do it for you

Many players depend on AI to do the coaching for them. They accept its each and every suggestion. Well don’t do that use your own brain as AI’s style of coaching is very simplistic. Not taking the help from AI will sharp your brain for upcoming challenges in the game.

AI can be tricked

While playing against AI use quarter back scrambles and wildcat plays, it has been noticed that AI has a tough time against it. After all AI can be fooled.

Use Madden NFL Mobile Hack

There are many software and online tool present on the internet which offers you unlimited amount coins and cash. You can use them and generate unlimited amount of Coins and Cash and advance in the leader boards easily. Using the Madden NFL mobile hack is very easy and safe. You will not get banned for using them that’s for sure.

Say no to tough opponents in Head to Head

Well don’t take it on your ego; actually it’s a smart move to not play against tough opponents in Head to head. There are many pro players out there, they spend their money on in-app purchases and buy great players. Don’t mess with them and choose an opponent who is easy to beat.

Madden NFL Mobile - Hacks and Cheats

People are crazy for NFL Football. The EA Sports just raised this craze by introducing their amazing game Madden NFL Mobile. Now you can get the thrill of your favorite American League on your Mobile. The Madden NFL Mobile was released on August 26, 2014 and is developed by the giants of sports games EA Sports. The game is one of the top grossing apps in the Android and Apple Stores. The game has two types of currencies one is the Coins and other is Cash. The whole game basically revolves around earning them. The player involves in Live Events with which they can earn Cards and Coins. But playing the game and earning these resources is a very time consuming process. Many players spend their day and night working on getting these resources.

Madden NFL :The game play

This game has many modes which a player can play. The modes include Season, Live Events, Head to Head, Leagues and Sets. The game is a race to win more amount coins and cash and getting better cards then the other opponent. Packs are also there in the game which contains rare items, elite players etc. In short it is a complete package of the Madden NFL Football in one game. The graphics are also mesmerizing and very close to real life. EA Sports is known for their amazing graphics and game play.

Madden NFL Mobile Hack

As I said the game is a race to win Coins and Cash and if you want to be ahead in that race, we have the best solution for you. The solution is called the Madden NFL Mobile Hack. With this hack you can generate enormous amount of Coins and Cash without even spending a penny. The hack is simple and easy to use and works on all the platforms including Android and iOS.

This hack needs no downloads and works every time giving 100% result. You may have tried other hacks online but they don’t work with great efficiency and are made by non-professionals. Our hack is made by a talented team of developers and hackers. The hack is totally safe to use and will not lead to your account being banned. So try the hack yourself and enjoy an amazing game play.

GTA 5 Hack And Cheats - Learn How To Get Free Money

All the GTA 5 lovers, we have something special for you today. You must be playing GTA for a long time now. You know how cool the game is and how difficult is to become the best player on the leader boards. Today we are going to make it a little easy for you. The GTA 5 cheat we are going to present you today is the best of all the cheats present on the Internet. So, let’s introduce you to the GTA 5 Hack. The GTA 5 hack can generate unlimited number of Money and RP points. Let’s look at how you can benefit from the hack.

Are GTA 5 hacks real?

Yes, absolutely yes! Many GTA 5 hack for free money on the Internet are not efficient.  They don’t give results 100% of the time, but they are real. On the other hand, this GTA 5 hack gives results 100% of the time. We have tried and tested this hack on all the platforms and it gave results every time. You can try it also for free. The best part about this GTA 5 Hack is that it does not need any download. Obviously you must be thinking that what if my account got banned? Well let me tell you the GTA 5 money Cheats uses Anonymous Proxies and Anti-Ban scripts to protect your account from getting banned. So, don’t worry about this.

GTA 5 Hack: User Guide

After telling you about the features, let me tell you about how you can use this hack. Using it is very easy and needs no technical knowledge.

  • The first thing to do is to enter your game account user name.
  • Then you have to select your Platform.
  • You will then enter the amount of Money and RP points you want.
  • The last thing to do is to click on generate button.

That’s it, use the hack and top the leader boards with your enormous amount of Money and RP Points.

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Learn 5 Secrets Tips and Tricks On GTA 5 Online

Hello! All GTA lovers, we are back with some amazing tips and tricks for you with which you can become a pro player in GTA 5 and beat the hell out of your competitors. GTA 5 is the game where survival of the fittest is the motto. Weak players are shredded into pieces by pros. So, let’s guide you through some tips and tricks which can make you an ultimate pro in the world of GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online.

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Why walk when you can fly?

The airport is more secure in GTA 5 Online than in the single player game, one method to reach the airport is to go up the stairs to the Flight School and hop over the wall. You can find choppers on top of the roof of Central Los Medical Centre and Vespucci Beach.

Try Passive Mode

Tired of getting shot when you are not playing or busy doing something else in the GTA World. Going passive will prevent you from getting shot while walking but you can’t shoot other players too. Going passive once cost you 100$ but it will save your money being wasted on medical bills. Passive mode does not protect you from being run over, blown up in explosion or being shot when you are in a car.

Use GTA 5 Hacks and Cheats available online

The GTA 5 Hack will generate unlimited Money and RP points for you. Without costing you even a penny. Use them anytime and get awarded with Money and RP points of your choice. They are totally safe to use and requires no technical knowledge to use.

Insure your Car

Once you get a good ride, get insurance for it. So that if it gets lost, stole or broken, you can get a new replacement for that car from the bank. Only the cars that have trackers are insurable, so make sure you get yourself a tracker.

Put your money in the bank

If you have got anything above 5000$ you are calling trouble for yourself. You can get mugged and killed and you have to give up 100$ in excess. So, deposit your money in the bank using online “Money and Services”. Stand somewhere quiet while accessing this.

GTA 5 essential tips and tricks

Who doesn’t know about the famous GTA series? The GTA series has always amazed us with its unique game play and graphics. The latest addition in this series was GTA 5 and what an amazing game it is. Rock star has given us an extraordinary game with totally mesmerizing and baffling graphics. The life like graphics of game is a big plus point. My above said statement is justified by IGN giving this game a 10/10 and gamespot giving a 9/10. This game is rocking on all the platforms on which it’s released which include Windows/PS4/PS3/Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

About GTA 5 Online

The game can be played online too. GTA 5 Online had some technical problems at its release but it was fixed and now players can play it without any glitches.GTA 5 Online has three types of modes which you can play. The first is racing (which is mostly on cars but sometimes can be on boats or a bicycle too). The second is Death matches (this can be played in teams, free-for-all, sudden deaths, in team or traditional), and capital-M Missions, they are like single player mission and are complex. GTA 5 Online is as cool as GTA 5 Single player.

GTA 5 Hack & Cheats

The game requires in-game currency to advance in the game. The in-game currencies are Money and RP points. Getting them is a time consuming and difficult task. You have to complete missions and complete achievements to get them. If you don’t want to complete missions and want easy Money and RP points in the game, you can always use The GTA 5 Money Hack. The hack generates unlimited amount of Money and RP points without you paying even a penny. The hack can be used online and needs no download. The hack is totally safe and easy to use. So, use the hack and enjoy your game much more.

Learn Top 10 Tips and Tricks For If You Are New Player On GTA 5

NBA Live Mobile Tips And Tricks For Free Coins and Cash

Hello All,

Today we are gonna show you some really amazing tips, tricks and cheats to earn free coins and cash on NBA Live Mobile. Well Everyone know NBA is a basketball game and is really popular worldwide. Recently there is a new version of released for Android and iOS versions, and it got huge responses worldwide. This app downloaded more then 100 million times combined android and iOS stores. So what is our article about??

About NBA LIVE MOBILE Tips Tricks

We are here gonna show you some really cool tips and tricks which will help you in playing the game better. We will show you how you can get free and unlimited amount of coins and cash within your account and without doing any surveys, all process will be involved within the video.

We will also show you how to get free coins and cash with one secret NBA Live Mobile Hack Tool, which is working very perfectly to generate the unlimited amount of resources within the game, and matter of minutes.

The Above NBA Live Mobile Hack tool works with android and iOS devices very perfectly. As we have tested this with a lot of devices including samsung and iOS phones.

This is 100% working hack which will not only give you the resources only one time, but you can use it unlimited times, whenever you are low at resources within the game.

SO what are you waiting for, just take a look below, what secrets are waiting for you in the video below.

nba live mobile tips and tricks

The sports simulators seemed far from the world of smartphones, or at least they did not care too much, however in the last year and in the little that we take of this one, we have already seen great improvement. Now, another year, basketball returns to Android and iOS . Hand of Electronic Arts arrives NBA Live 2017 , the legendary basketball game franchise that seems renewed and ready to make war again in the market.

NBA Live 2016 seeks revenge

Sports are the Roman circus of our time. Not everyone has the ability to participate in them at a professional level, but video games have managed to get closer to that experience little by little, distance with reality is abysmal, but simulators are what their own name indicates. In the field of basketball we have lived the war between NBA Live and NBA 2K17 for long years, the latter being the clear winner. However with the opening of the field of games for smartphones we have a new battle scenario where everything is decided, and NBA Live 2017 seems to come with desire for revenge.

Gameplay Trailer for NBA Live 2017

The mechanics of NBA Live 2016 , as any sports game, does not have much history. It is the representation of a normal basketball game , 5 on 5 , which target the most points wins. The challenge is to pick the title to a franchise, and beat each season, making a hole in the history of American basketball . Our duty, besides winning, is to arm the team and improve the players through training, only in that way can develop their skills.

If you want to get free coins and cash to improve your gameplay, our NBA live mobile cheats will really help you to achieve it.

gta 5 money and shark cards for free

The Best Tips and Tricks For GTA 5 Online

Hello Guys, Here is another of our super tips and tricks article for GTA 5 online game players. You learnt a lot of tips, tricks and cheats and still they don’t worked for you, that is the reason you landed to this page because you need only working tips and tricks, Right??

Ok, I am gonna straight forward to what i want to show you today. We have released an awesome video on youtube, which shows some really cool tips and tricks to get free money on GTA 5. Also there will be tips and tricks related to Stealth Attack, Some really cool Stunt tricks and more. These are our tips and tricks which actually works, and you will not required to visit more and more sites to learn them.

Also here is our GTA 5 money hack online tool, which will give you unlimited money on your game, and you can become millionaire, while playing, so what are you waiting for, just watch our video below and happy hunting GTA 5 online money hack.