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There are games that imitate real time athletes; there are games that race your character to glory

and there are games include real time fighting. Well, for all those who are looking for the latter,

this article is a must read for them.

We talk about Injustice 2. This game has been developed by NetherRealm Studios and Warner

Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This fighting video game is in fact a sequel to the much liked

Injustice: Gods Among Us, that took the gaming industry by storm after its release in 2013.

Injustice 2 released in May this year for platforms PS4 and Xbox One. Like its prequel, a

companion mobile app was also introduced for the much used Android and iOS platforms.


Injustice 2 has several features taken from its prequel which includes characteristics like stage

transitions, character traits, clashes, etc. interestingly, most of the environmental attacks which

the prequel did not allow to avoid, can be avoided in Injustice 2 which really means that the

game does offer more excitement.

Additional Features:

Injustice 2, this time, wanted to do sometime extraordinary for its players. It is for this reason

that it has introduced a loot dropping system which is commonly named the Gear System. This

feature provides for character-specific pieces of the costume in the game plus gears which have

stupendous status-altering effects. This system uses RPG like technology in order to remunerate

players along with loot and experience, after each match.


Injustice 2 has both, old and new characters which includes 28 playable characters. Surprisingly,

the game, this time, features 10 additional characters which have been made available in the

form of Downloadable Content. Some of the new characters are: Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, Black

Canary, Blue Beetle, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Doctor Fate, Firestorm, Poison Ivy, red Hood, Sub-

Zero, Supergirl, Swamp Thing and many more.

Injustice 2 Cheats, Tips and Tricks:

1. In order to proceed in the game effectively, it is important that you opt for the right

combos. We are aware of the fact that each hero has his strongest combos. However,

some of the common combos include: dash-tap- tap-tap- dash as well as dash-tap- tap-tap-


2. If you want to earn experience points and gems, use the unused heroes and send them out

on operations. Don’t stick to the only hero that is your favorite.

3. It is no rocket science to understand that the tougher the opponent, higher the degree of

skill. Thus, a total attack strategy would not be of much help in this situation. You need

to use the blocking as well as counter punch option too. It is essential that you practice

these, right from the day you start playing the game.

4. Remember, Injustice 2 is all about a strategic game plan. Once you have unlocked the

arena, one of the best plans is to have several classes in the party. In this way. You would

have heroes that are able to fight the opposition in the best manner possible.

5. In case you have unused gear, break it into fragments and use the same to enhance the

gear that you are interested in using.

6. Of course, we all want to progress in the game as soon as possible. Know that once you

start playing heroic battles, you need to be extremely careful. There are pretty hard and

interestingly, you can lay your hands on them only thrice a day.

Injustice 2 Hack : How To Use It

In order to use the Injustice 2 Hack:

1. Visit the website by pressing the button

2. Enter the amount of coins as well as gems you desire in the game

3. Press Generate

4. Enter the necessary details inclusive of your username, account ID, email, etc.

5. Select the device on which you are playing the game

6. Wait for a few seconds till you get the desired result.

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Features of the Injustice 2 Hack:

1. Unlimited coins- this gold can be essentially used to support cards and buy several

characters and therefore help you to move in the game in a smooth manner.

2. Unlimited gems- it is important to have unlimited gems, literally since they help you to

level up your characters. In case you don’t, it wouldn’t be late before you are surpassed by

your opponent.

3. This hack supports every device so it is actually an easy way to play your game on any

device you wish to.


Injustice 2 has received positive reviews in terms of its features and game play. The story

and presentation have also been given thumbs up. Gamers who have laid their hands on the

game have appreciated the plot and have termed it quite impressive. All in all, this game has

some great fight sequences that are sure to keep you hooked to your seats. So without

further ado, it is time that you too try out this fascinating game and have the time of your